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        Many times when we read articles about airplane modeling, we find some acronyms that leave us doubtful abouth the Real meant.

The Airplane modeling is one sufficiently old hobby and with the growth of the modality and the inclusion of new techniques and equipment, its main organizers had felt the necessity to subdivide the Airplane modeling in categories. Here it is the Real meant of the acronyms!

The acronyms determine the category and the sub-category.

Then we're going to learn the categories of the Airplane modeling and its acronyms:

F1 CATEGORY - FREE FLIGHT Flight during which no plugging between airplane model does not exist and the competitor, or its assistant. Only radio functions are allowed have controlled when specifically cited in the rules for determined class.

It is divided in:

F1A - Gliders A2 Class
F1B - Models with Rubber band Engine(Wakefield)
F1C- Models with Piston Engine
F1D - Models of Inwards
F1E - Gliders with automatic control of route
F1F - Helicopters
F1G - Coupe D'Hiver
F1H - Gliders A1 Classroom
F1J - Models with engine the piston (Class 1/2 A)
F1K - Models with motor Co2


Flight during which aeromodelo aerodinamicamente is maneuvered by control surfaces, in altitude and attitude, for a pilot in the not extensible soil, by means of one or more cables, directly on to aeromodelo. The wires can be used systems in which or control cables are kept in the hand or connected to a central pivot. None another way of control it model or engine can be used during the take-off and flight, except exerted for the pilot through the cables or the cable.

It is divided in:

F2A- Speed
F2B - Acrobatics
F2C - Race in Set
F2D - Combat
Mini-FAI Acrobatics
Beginning Acrobatics
Race in Joint Brazil Formula
Combat CB


Flight during which the model is aerodinamicamente burst for surfaces of control in attitude route and altitude, for the pilot being in the ground, using radio has controlled.

It is divides in: F3A- Acrobatics with Rádio-Controlado engine
F3B - Models of Gliders
F3C - Helicopter
F3D - Racers Pylon
F3F - Gliders Slope Soaring
F3G - Gliders with engine
F3H - Soaring Cross Country Racing
F3I - Aero Tow Soaring
F3J - Gliders with Thermal Duration

Mini-FAI Acrobatics
Advanced acrobatics
Advanced helicopter
Mini-FAI helicopter


A model in scale is a reduced reproduction of an aircraft more weighed than conceived air to carry a human being.

It is divided in:

F4A- Models in Scale Free Flight
F4B - Models in Scale Burst Circular Flight
F4C - Models in R/C Scale
F4D - Models in Scale for Indoor Free Flight (extensible engines)
F4E - Models in Scale for Indoor Free Flight (electric Co2 or engines)
F4F - Models in Scale for Indoor Free Flight (Peanut Formula)

Stand-Off Scales
Each one of the sub-categories has its proper definitions, specifications and rules, but this is subject for another day.

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