Without a doubt some nauti was the First one of the modellisms that the world knew. The Egyptians already made it the 4,000 years more than behind, test of this are the photos made in the British Museum of London in the section of Egiptologia. Much before inventing the wheel, the humanity already travelled in boats, perhaps therefore it appeared before the one that all. The Fenícios the Greeks the Romans all had the craze to make miniatures of boats, some informed historians less allege to be thing to be used in religious rituals, but they had never proved this, exactly because the only god of waters was Neptuno and as it wise person to swim and to dive did not need barcoalgum to go where it wanted.

The others deuses were all flyers, with whom they only flied deuses know,e as they had not made models of its wonderful machines the current world was without knowing as. Perhaps in the average Age if it does not have notice on naval modelismo, was against the church, in view of that they only thought nisso.Na Renaissance started of new, exists in such a way in France as in England models of this time in museus.É a penalty that Lisbon has suffered with a followed fire earthquake in the end of century 18 and total was destroyed, contrary case without a doubt we would have the models of the time of the great navigations.

The Portugal Navy Museum - attached to the convent of the Gerónimos- it is enters the best ones of the world. Because then they would not be the vessels and caravelas there that they had changed history of mundo.Atualmente the Europeans are the biggest collectors and constructors of naval models, and the countries that if detach are: England, France, Holland and in more shy way Germany. The United States have good things but it does not give to compare itself with the Europeans. E Brazil as is in this? The nautimodelismo in Brazil is well shy, and it always was. Who can be considered the first nautimodelista of Brazil and that it is had notice and documents are Hely Bricio of the Valle.

Here some data go that prove this. In 1937 the Bricio (as it is known by the colleagues) gained of its professor of name mathematics João Avelino Sidov its first model of boat. With this gift it caught taste for the activity and if he became a modelista half-professional, in 1945 constructed 21 models of the sail-boat "Snipe" for order of the Dr. Pimentel Duarte. As modelista that it was, already it faleceu, it started to always make mockups with navy things, arrived to make the mockup of Shipyards EMAQ. Everything this in Rio De Janeiro, and already was years 50, and for it continued there. In 1953 Leopoldo Geyer it ordered to the Brício the model of the Cayru sail-boat and with rejoinders of this, it started of fact the practical one of the modelismo in Rio De Janeiro.

In the same 50 years Edmar Mammini the construction of models for proper use started in São Paulo, but not sail-boats, boats in scale with traction the electric engine touched the batteries of modified motorcycles. It freed the boats in the Park of the White Water, with the inauguration of the Park of the Ibirapuera in 1954, started to use the lakes of the park for the practical one of the modelismo. In 1962 Mr. Leopoldo Antunes Maciel assembled the firm "Naval Models" in Rio De Janeiro, does not know if he still exists today, but she was the first one firms if to dedicate to nauti in Brazil.

In this same time in São Paulo Mr. Felice Cavalli that was owner of the Mobral-Modelismo firm of Brazil, also started and if to interest for nauti, and asked for to Mr. Jorge Alfredo Walnut of Rasp, this maquetista, to construct 6 motor boats with electric engines to vender in its store, can itself be said that this was the first nautimodelistica activity of São Paulo of commercial matrix. In 1964 the Governor Carlos Lacerda when remodelling the park of the Flamengo, also in the River, for order and insistence of the Brício constructs the first tank of naval modelismo of Americas, was inaugurated in April of 1965 and is there until today, that only desvirtuado, already retired two times, capsized squares of Soccer of Hall, came back to be tank of modelismo, at last well Carioca things, or either never he knows yourself in that he goes to give.

The end of accounts what it represents the modelismo with relation to the soccer in our country? During the period of exception state Admiral Dantas Towers excessively stimulated the nautimodelismo in Rio De Janeiro, having fond to more than make 200 regattas of models in the tank during its management as commander of 1º naval District. In 1969 with its transference for the hold the other admiral who assumed did not give continuity nauti and everything finished pro going beleléu in Rio De Janeiro, ties that in 1985 Mr. Alvanir Heifer of Oak established a new club and everything preset.

In September of 1967 Edmar Mammini, Felice Cavalli, Antonio Naldoni, Walter Nutini and plus others 10 descendants of Italians and a Frenchman of name Jean Voëlin had established the "Club of Nautimodelistas of São Paulo" and this lasted 30 years, finished if fundindo with the Association of Burst Sail-boats Radio and appeared the APN, Association of Nautimodelistas of São Paulo. In the same period of the military Mr. Edmar Mammini that was one of them at the time, convinces then the mayor the city the Cel. Faria Rasp, to make the same in São Paulo, you give, the Srs. Antonio Naldoni and Walter Nutini work in same the sensible one to make the slot for U-control of the aeromodelos and thus the Modelódromo of São Paulo in 1968 was born and that it was reinaugurado in 1969 for Pablo Maluf. This was the biggest incentive to the modelismo that São Paulo knew.

The nautimodelística activity reached its height in São Paulo between 1970 and 1973 arriving if to have 40 models more than to participate of regattas in the tank of the Modelódromo. The great incetivador was Mr. Salvatore known Longobardi- as the Tóti for the colleagues, unhappyly faleceu at this time. Nauti continues magic much people however it comes diminishing the practitioners, and this is happening in other modalities of modelismo, with exception of the plastimodelismo, is the only one that it has grown lately.