:: Tips - Plastic modelling - Enjoy your Hobby!

        In the plastic modelling we have the great gamma of options in models and manufacturers, specialized levels of difficulty, inks, accessories and store. The material, however, differs the practical one in accordance with:

Level 1 or Skill 1 = called SNAP = basic, primary, for beginning. Many manufacturers keep some models in this level, models that already come injected in the original color, not being necessary the painting. Some need a minim glue, others are of rabbet. For the beginning ones, he is almost obligator to start in this simpler step.

        Level or Skill 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. they contain models more complex gradually than they demand more careful painting and glue. They have a bigger number of parts and arrive to represent (level 5) true challenges to the courageous ones.

        There are many manuals that relate innumerable necessary tools to the assembly of your model but, with certainty, will have the described parts below you will assemble it adequately.

        - Emery board, common stylets, ink for plastic modelling and brush. If it has aerograph better (pistol for small painting, art and modelling) , and the adequate glue.

        - The Hobby Cores'acrylic ink must foreground be diluted with Acrylic Thinner and the same could be used to clean aerograph, brush and hands.

        - Follow the instructions and, before initiating the assembly, you need to understand in general all process ways. Even if you're using another language the sequence will be perfectly understandable.

        - Each part corresponds to a number. Follow step by step, beggining a stage after finish the previous and, mainly, appeal to the manual or another more experienced modeller in doubt case.

        - Do not have haste in finishing the model, or you will finish the model making it unusable .

        - Remove the barbs with the stylet or with the emery board and use a toothpick to glue without having excess.

        - Enjoy your hobby, observe where it will be able to improve in the next model and present it with pride to the familiar and friends. If it will have competition in some store, participate. It always has a category for beginning, and you are going to make pretty!

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