:: Tips - Aeromodelling Without Stress

        Each time more cardiologists doctors recommend the aeromodelling as a form to fight stress and the tension of the current days. This is recommended because, when you are controlling an airplane you seem that the entire world to your rollback stopped and all your concentration remains in that object that flies under your command.

        To enter this hobby just follow some recommendations: in first place, it looks to a club homologated for entities DAC and BORDER - Brazilian Association of Aeromodelling -, therefore rules exist to be fulfilled and the factor security is basic. Later, verify if it exists a credential instructor who teaches with cable-trainer. Evaluate the environment where you go to practice the sport, it must be relaxed, the cool staff, has infrastructure, etc. After everything decided pass for the equipment. To initiate it is necessary that you have in hands one aero model + motor + radio.

Other Tips